frequently asked questions



Why can’t I login to my account?
We have recently partnered with Upper Hand to offer our customers a better enrollment experience! If your account was set up prior to September of 2021, your previous user name and password will not work. During the registration process, you will be prompted to set up a new account. Once set up, you will receive an email asking to verify your email account and once verified, you will be able to login to your account.
How do I reset my password?
From the login page on our website, click "Login". Click on "Forgot Password" to the right of the "Submit" button. Enter your Email address then click on the "Reset" button. Check your inbox for an email from "support@getupperhand.com Click on the "Password Reset Link" & you will be taken to a page where you can enter a new password. NOTE: If your account was set up prior to September 2021, you will need to set up a new account.
I have reset my password but it doesn't work?
If after resetting your password, you still cannot login to your account, simply send us a quick email and we will have it reset for you.
When I click "Enroll Now" why does it take me to "Upper Hand"?
Upper Hand is the enrollment software we now use for all our camps and clinics! This platform offers a superior customer experience in comparison to our previous platform.


What ages do you accept into your programs.
Unless otherwise specified, our programs are open to different ages. Most camps utilize a station format which allows our staff to group players on the ice by age. Programs that have age restrictions include our Simply Defense Advanced Development Camps (min birth year is noted in the camp description and on the camp listing on the enrollment page) and our Strictly Shooting SLAP SHOT Summer clinic (Squirt and above).
What is your Student to Instructor Ratio?
For most programs, our student to instructor ratio is 6 to 1 and in some cases it may even be lower!
What should I bring to the Camp?
In addition to full hockey equipment, we recommend students bring a water bottle with their name on it. For students attending weekend camps or attending both Simply Defense and Strictly Shooting programs on the same days, we recommend bringing your own lunch/snack. Students are responsible for their own lunch and the concessions are not always open.
Is there someone available to help tie skates?
Yes. Our staff will be happy to help if needed. Simply mention this to our staff when you check in on the first day.
Do students need to have their equipment on at the start of camp?
With our summer programs, most locations start with the classroom/video session. Students will have time between the classroom and on ice session to get dressed. NOTE: in rare cases the on ice session may be first. In these cases students will have 30min from the end of the check in time until the start of the on ice time. The camp itinerary is available to view when you login to your account. In addition you will receive a reminder email with the itinerary approximately 1 week prior to the start of the camp.
Can I check in for my camp earlier?
It depends...in some cases our staff will be available and set up earlier than the check in time however for many of the afternoon programs, our staff will be on the ice with another group so check in will not start until the specified time. If the student is enrolled in both the Simply Defense and Strictly Shooting programs, let our staff know when you check in for the first camp and they can log them in for both programs.


What discounts are available?
There are three types of discounts available for most programs; Early Registration Discounts, Group Discounts, and Multi Camp Discounts. The Early Registration discount is automatically applied if you enroll by the specified date (see discounts page) The group and multi camp discounts require you to enter a coupon code at the time of check out (note: if you forget to enter this code, just send us an email and we can apply it for you).
Can I combine discounts?
You CAN combine the Early Registration Discount and one of the following; Group of 2, Group of 3 or more, or Multi Camp Discount. Only 1 of the Group/Multi Camp discounts will apply (see our discount page for details).
How do I sign up as part of a group?
Enrolling as a group is EASY! Each player enrolls on their own!! First, pick a "Group Name" that all members will use. Add your camp to the cart then click on "Fill out Camp Form". Enter your group name in the appropriate field. Click on "Coupon Code" and enter the code that applies to you...(Groups of 2 use "GROUP2" ...Groups of 3 or more use "GROUP3", if one player is attending multiple camps, then use "MULTI")...then click "apply".
Do group members have to sign up at the same time?
No. Each group member signs up on their own. All members of your group must just use the same "Group Name" so that we can confirm who is in your group.
If I sign up for 1 Defense Camp and 1 Shooting Camp can I use the Multi Camp Discount?
Yes! Simply add both camps to the cart and use the coupon code "Multi".
I forgot to enter my discount coupon code, what do I do?
Simply send us an email and we will be happy to apply the discount to your enrollment in the form of a refund. If you are part of a group, please include your group name and which discount you qualify for (Group of 2 OR Group of 3 or more)


How do I register for a Camp?
Click on the "Enroll" page or "Find My Camp" buttons on our website. Search by state to find your camp and click on "Enroll Now". Click on "Purchase", then you will be prompted to either login or set up a new account. The account should be set up in the parents name...students will then be added as "Participants" in the account set up process.
Can I register multiple students at the same time?
Yes!! Our new enrollment software allows you to add multiple students to your profile. During the enrollment process, you will click on "Select Attendee(s)" and you can add one or more players to the camp.
Can I register for multiple camps at the same time?
Yes!! After you have added the first camp and selected the attendees, you can click on "Add Event" to add another program. Use the filter option to sort the programs by state and program type (Summer Programs, Christmas Programs, Spring Break Programs etc.)...for example sort by "Michigan Summer Programs".
What is your cancellation/refund policy?
All camp tuition is non-refundable. In the event a student can't make a scheduled program, simply contact us by email prior to the start of the camp and you will receive a full credit towards a future program. In the unlikely event that we have to cancel a program, camp credit or refunds will be available in most cases.
How do I use a past camp credit?
If you cancel a program, you will receive an email with your credit amount and a coupon code. Simply enter the code into the "Coupon Code" field and click "apply" when enrolling. If you misplace the code, contact us by email and we can resend it to you. If you have any issues using your code, contact us by email and we will be able to help.
I'm using a camp credit, can I also apply a group or multi camp disocunt?
Yes. At the current time, only one coupon code can be applied to your order. Use the coupon code associated with your credit, then email us and we will issue a refund for any applicable group or multi camp discount. If you are part of a group, please include in the email your group name and which discount should be applied (group of 2 OR group of 3 or more)
Where can I find the coupon code for a past camp credit?
You will receive an email shortly with the code when you cancel a program. If you can't find it or did not receive it, simply email us and we will resend it to you.
What is due at the time of registraion?
Tuition in full is due at the time of registration.
Will I receive a confirmation email?
Yes. At the time of enrollment you will receive two emails...a receipt for your order, and an event confirmation. You will also receive a reminder email approximately 1 week prior to the start of the camp with the itinerary. PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL TIMES LISTED ON OUR WEBSITE ARE LOCAL TIMES. Refer to the times on our website or in the body of the confirmation emails. In some instances the confirmation email may contain a link to add the camp to your calendar and it may adjust the times incorrectly if you are not in the Eastern time zone.
Are the times listed on your website local time?
YES!! All camp times on our website are LOCAL TIMES. For our Central and Mountain time zone customers, some email providers may incorrectly list the time zone as EST/EDT in the header of the confirmation email. The times on our website and body of the email are correct and are LOCAL TIMES! We hope to have this issue resolved in the near future.